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Street Tree Program

Street Tree Program
Published 14 May 2021
City of Playford has a commitment to a zero net loss of street trees - if we remove one, we replace it somewhere in the city

It's no surprise that city appearance contributes greatly to community wellbeing and the liveability of our area.

We aim to successfully have a zero net loss on street trees, meaning for every street tree that needs to be removed, a new tree will be planted in suitable location within the community.

Trees species are purposely selected for each location to provide much needed shade, a healthy & environmentally sustainable landscape and to contribute to keeping our suburbs cooler during the warmer months. Tree species are selected to improve the aesthetics of your neighbourhood and to create an attractive and welcoming public realm in the city.

Playford's trees are managed as part of our annual Street Tree Planting Program. Our program includes all tree planting requests from the community in conjunction with planned-out tree plantings.

Our Tree Services team are currently preparing to start a planned-out planting throughout Elizabeth Park.

The program is subject to weather conditions, staff availability, resources, rapid-response requests or emergency work.

How will you know if you're getting a tree?

In the lead up to planting works being undertaken there will be a white “X” on the Council verge in front of your property. This indicates that a tree will be planted in this location.

If you'd like to request a tree for your verge, you can find out how at the link below.