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It's not rubbish...

It's not rubbish...
Published 17 March 2020
One of the ways we’re supporting your efforts to be more environmentally friendly is our hard waste collection service, managed by your resource partner NAWMA.

It’s not rubbish…

As we’re becoming more aware of our environmental footprint, ensuring our household items are disposed of correctly is becoming increasingly important.

One of the ways we’re supporting your efforts to make the most of your unwanted household items is our hard waste collection service, managed by your resource partner NAWMA.

The free service not only supports you reducing your environmental footprint while decluttering your household, it is also friendly on your wallet or purse.

You may be finished with that old fridge, furniture or toys, but it’s possible that we can help give those items a second life through our hard waste collection service so we avoid it going to landfill.

There are two ways to get rid of hard waste in Playford:

1. You can have it collected from your home twice a year. Items collected by NAWMA are crushed and the components recycled.

2. Or you can exchange one (or both) of those collections for a voucher. Simply drop it to NAWMA yourself at a time that’s convenient for you.

TIP: If you have any good quality household, building, and garden items - drop them off the Salvage and Save recycle shop at NAWMA’s Edinburgh North location. This helps us divert items still in good nick from going to landfill, supports employment opportunities for those with a disability and will provide a lucky shopper an awesome discount!

So don’t think of it as rubbish, it’s potentially a resource for someone else.

Did you know?

· All residents in Playford are entitled to two free hard waste collections a year.

· It’s an ‘at call’ service any time of the year. This means your hard waste pick up date will occur within four to six weeks of booking.

· You can exchange your collection/s with a voucher so you can take your hard waste to NAWMA when it suits you.

· NAWMA will lend you a trailer for free! You will need to book and a deposit is required.

The nitty gritty…

· To keep a smooth collection process, we must ask items to be neatly stacked inside your property line and not on the kerb - as it could be mistaken for illegally dumped rubbish.

· Items must be out before 7am on collection day.

· There is a 2m x 1m limit and smaller items must be placed in a cardboard box/s.

Acceptable items list:
How to book:
Visit and fill in a booking form or call NAWMA 8259 2100.