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Experience kick starts career

Experience kick starts career
Published 2 July 2021
Students from across Playford have been completing work experience to kick start their careers in their chosen fields.

By Isabella Dalby | Playford International College student

Playford International College (PIC) student, Isabella Dalby, completed two weeks of work experience with the City of Playford’s Marketing Team.

The year 11 student performed tasks such as interviewing talent, writing articles and producing online content.

During that time, Isabella had the opportunity to publish her stories on the City of Playford’s digital channels.

“I felt proud because my nanna was proud of me,” she said. “I wrote stories on pollinators improve garden, which was a story about a new art feature, and responding to racism, which was about students identifying, responding to, and preventing it.”

The PIC student travelled to other City of Playford facilities during her work experience including Northern Sound System (NSS) and The Precinct.

Isabella also had the opportunity to visit Elizabeth Vale and Elizabeth Grove primary schools for the Playford 10 Project.

“I interviewed children about their experience within the Playford 10 project,” she said. “At first it was nerve-racking, but after a while it was second nature.”

Isabella said the experience improved her verbal communication skills when speaking to people she didn’t know.

“If I don’t know someone I find it difficult to speak to them at all,” Isabella said. “But when I was given the opportunity to contribute to interviewing the Edmund Rice Flexi and Playford 10 students, I found it easier once I stopped over thinking things and just asked the questions.”

PN Work Experience Cassidy
Faith Lutheran College student, Cassidy Palm, hits the airwaves.
PN Work Experience Isabella
Playford International College (PIC) student, Isabella Dalby, interviews other young people.

Isabella caught up with another work experience student, here is what she found out.

Cassidy Palm, Faith Lutheran College student, completed work experience at NSS.

The Faith Lutheran College student hoped to learn ways to promote her band Newgate Crowd.

“I’m in a band and we’re doing pretty well at the moment,” she said. “But I want to sort of get some more information that I can use, to help grow the band and just be more successful overall.”

Cassidy said she wanted to grow the bands audience and promote more events.

You can find out more about Cassidy's band Newgate Crowd by visiting its Facebook and Instagram at @newgatecrowdofficial.

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