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Shade Tree Subsidy - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

a) The voucher may be redeemed as part of the purchase of a tree or trees of a type specified in the terms and conditions only. It may not be used towards the purchase of any other type of plant or product.

b) The tree/s must be planted at the nominated address and on private property within City of Playford, with the owner’s permission.

c) Vouchers are limited to one per household.

d) The tree species selected will be based on the following criteria to the satisfaction of the nursery staff. The tree purchased must:

i. have a minimum height of 3 metres at maturity

ii. have a minimum pot diameter of 200 mm

e) The following species are excluded and cannot be claimed through the voucher:

• Xanthorrhoea or other Grass Trees

• Palm trees

• Olive trees

f) All tree maintenance (watering, trimming, etc.) is the responsibility of the resident.

g) The resident must confirm they have the ability to plant the tree/s in the ground and the space for it to grow to maturity.

h) Tree vouchers are allocated by the City of Playford on a ‘first in; first served’ basis. No other prioritisation will be applied.

i) Once all vouchers have been allocated via Eventbrite, the project is ended for the year.

j) To review the project’s success, Council may contact the resident to see how tree/s are growing and/or request a progress photo.