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$10 Microchipping at The Precinct

$10 Microchipping at The Precinct
Saturday 5th March at 10:00am - 4:00pm
The Precinct
Families, Men, Seniors, Women, Youth, Children
- $10

Online bookings are now open to get your pet microchipped at the special low price of $10.

If you have a new pet, or an older one at home that needs chipping, this is a great opportunity to do so at an affordable price.

Microchips are tiny devices implanted under the skin of a dog or cat’s shoulder to provide a safe and permanent means of identification. It’s a tiny thing, but a microchip can make a big difference. If your pet becomes lost, there’s a much better chance it will come home again if it has one.

Bookings are essential.

The Precinct

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