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Smith Creek Trail

  • Cycling Trail
  • Nature Reserve
  • Park Bench
  • Paved Path
  • Playground
  • Shelter
  • Walking Trail
  • Watercourse
  • Wetlands
Between Stebonheath Park, Andrews Farm, and Yorktown Road, Craigmore
Dog suitability:
SPA CO 190801 Smith Creek Trail Aerial

The Smith Creek Trail is a family-friendly path that winds its way from Petherton Road in the south-west, north to Stebonheath Park, east along the creek passing the Smithfield Railway Station, Smithfield Civic Gardens, Uley Road Sports Ovals and Craigmore Park, before leaving the creek and turning south at Otama Court. The trail extends south as far as Yorktown Road, Craigmore.

The majority of the trail is bitumen or pavers, making it perfect for children and families walking, scooting or cycling. Way-finding maps are located along the trail, with artwork, bollards and other points of interest along the way.

Hundreds of local residents have been involved in upgrading the Smith Creek Trail into a more family-friendly space. Children at local primary schools were involved in designing trail maps, artwork for the footpaths and trail markers along the trail. The trail maps along the trail show the locations of artwork and points of interest along the journey. The new trail bollards mark every 200 metres along the trail and installations such as bins and way-finding signage are in response to community needs expressed through the consultation process.

The new trail was launched in October 2013, with many local families participating in a fun walk or ride along a section of the trail. A map of the trail location can be downloaded below.

Crittenden Road, Andrews Farm - Infrastructure Works affecting the Smith Creek Trail
Traffic Management Plan

As part of City of Playford's plan to connect the two sections of Crittenden Road in Andrews Farm and Smithfield Plains, a culvert crossing over Smith Creek and road-building works, including shared-use paths, will mean that portions of the Smith Creek Trail will be closed to general public access until mid-October 2019.

Enquiries to Ashley Welsh, Project Manager

Feeding Ducks and Other Birds

Please DO NOT feed the ducks at parks, reserves and playgrounds in the City of Playford.

Native ducks and other birds that live on water stay healthy by eating foods like aquatic plants, seeds, grasses and insects.

Many foods that humans like to eat, including bread, can be harmful to native ducks and birds and can make them sick. Uneaten food can also contaminate the water and encourage vermin and foxes to the area.

Rather than feeding the ducks, there are other ways you can enjoy them in their native habitat, such as:

  • Count the ducks that you can see
  • Identify the different bird species
  • Help look after their environment by picking up rubbish
  • Taking photographs

Read more about feeding wildlife at the South Australian Department for Environment and Water's website.

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