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Young leaders raise awareness for World Inclusion Day

Young leaders raise awareness for World Inclusion Day
Published 10 October 2023
Playford’s emerging leaders have been busy knocking down social barriers as they learn how to prepare for their futures through the Playford’s new Young Leaders Program 2023.

Launched in August 2023, the Young Leaders Program delivers youth training to Playford’s young people who identify as having a disability and/ or having lived experience of mental illness.

Young people aged between 16 – 25, who live work or study in Playford were eligible to participate in a series of four half-day working sessions, where they learnt to advocate for their own needs and explore job pathways.

Participants have also been honing in on their personal strengths, growing their communication and teamwork skills through a series of workshops held at Playford Civic Centre in Elizabeth.

The group has enjoyed hearing from public speakers, exploring career pathways and support to access additional Council programs such as the Youth Action Committee.

Local aspiring rapper Daniel Nabii has said that the workshops have been a great way for him to make new friends and learn how to be an advocate for himself and other people.

Daniel along with six other students recently teamed up to create a video to help spread their message on World Inclusion Day.

“Inclusion to me, means trust and being heard. People should aspire to inspire,” he said.

Participant Harley said inclusion was important in building a world without judgement.

“It allows me to feel free to be me,” said Harley.

Mayor Glenn Docherty said that the Young Leaders Program contributes to a broader vision of building a more welcoming and accessible community, which breaks down barriers.

“Our residents want to see Council being responsive to community issues and concerns. We are working to ensure that people with disabilities can participate fully within our community.”

“This is just one of the great resources being provided through City of Playford’s Disability, Access and Inclusion Plan.” said Mayor Glenn Docherty.

What is World Inclusion Day?

World Inclusion Day promotes diversity, equity and inclusion through all aspects of society. It serves as a reminder of the importance of recognising and valuing the differences that make individuals unique, whether it’s related to their race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other characteristic.

World Inclusion Day is not only a time for reflection but also an opportunity to encourage people to engage in activities that promote equal opportunities, challenge stereotypes and address discrimination.

It’s about building a more inclusive society where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity and where their rights and voices are recognised and valued.