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VR an active presence in Playford libraries

VR an active presence in Playford libraries
Published 22 October 2019
New technologies at your Playford library.

Virtual reality and technology is enticing new experiencers through the doors of the City of Playford’s libraries.

Libraries were once a place of tyrannical librarians enforcing silence, making you feel as if you’d entered a magical portal of dusty books guarded by Gringott’s grumpy goblins from Harry Potter.

Now, a library’s field of view includes traditional and digital services with friendly staff helping you access training and service facilities for robotics, coding, 3D printing, computing and now VR.

This year, the arrival of a VR magic carpet has allowed the Playford Library Service to expand its digital programs.

The magic carpet has been incorporated into Story Time, Book Bugs and School Holiday sessions, while a VR goggle kit will soon be in use as well.

Drop into the Playford Library at the Civic Centre, Elizabeth, or Stretton Centre, Munno Para, to find out more information.

Or follow Playford Library Services on Facebook.