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Unlocking industrial land in northern Adelaide key to state’s economic future

Unlocking industrial land in northern Adelaide key to state’s economic future
Published 27 May 2024
Unlocking industrial land in northern Adelaide is key to SA's economic prosperity.

City of Playford is renewing calls for key industrial and employment land to be unlocked in Adelaide’s north to secure the future for South Australia’s fastest growing region and the state’s economic prosperity.

It comes after the release of an independent report, commissioned by the Property Council of Australia, detailing the need for a consistent and adequate supply of development-ready land to support the industrial growth trajectory of South Australia.

The report, produced by JLL, shows that development-ready employment and industrial land is in critical shortage across the state.

City of Playford Mayor, Glenn Docherty, said the report supports Council’s calls to the state government for investment that will unlock industrial land in northern Adelaide.

“Northern Adelaide is home to largest proportion of the state’s employment and future industrial land,” the Mayor said. “But the key constraint is the lack of region-shaping infrastructure needed to make it development-ready.

“This report reiterates the importance of delivering the infrastructure, such as roads and regional stormwater solutions, that is needed to make this land available to industry. It echoes Council’s ongoing calls for state investment to unlock this land, which will be critical in fulfilling the government’s economic agenda in the areas of health, defence, hydrogen and modern manufacturing.”

Key locations identified in the report align with Council’s own planning for future employment and industrial development in the region.

“Land at Edinburgh North adjacent to the RAAF Base and existing defence businesses will support future demand from defence companies needing manufacturing and distribution space. What is missing is the appropriate infrastructure to unlock the site,” the Mayor said.

There is also significant land at Greater Edinburgh Parks that can accommodate future sector growth.

“Northern Adelaide has the key elements needed to drive South Australia’s economic future,” the Mayor said. “We are home to SA’s long-term supply of industrial land availability. There is existing rail and road logistics including one the Federal and State Government’s largest infrastructure investments in the Northern Expressway. This offers incredible freight capacity for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers but the next step is investment in the connecting infrastructure that will allow industry to establish in the region.”

Property Council’s South Australian Executive Director, Mr. Bruce Djite, is also advocating for a proactive approach to industrial land release in northern Adelaide.

“The Greater Adelaide Regional Plan will shape our city, especially growth fronts at Salisbury and Playford council areas,” Mr Djite said. “Collectively we are calling for greater agility and a more proactive approach to the delivery of industrial land to support economic growth.”

“People need somewhere to live but they also need somewhere to work and this report highlights that Adelaide’s supply of development-ready industrial land is fast running out.

“Every hectare of developed industrial land supports 90 jobs and $13.5M of GSP, and, for every direct job on-site in an industrial precinct there are 2.07 jobs created elsewhere in the economy.”

This makes unlocking industrial land in northern Adelaide critical for the future employment prospects of local communities.

“Northern Adelaide is one of the fastest growing areas in the state,” the Mayor said. “On average, 10 people a day are forecast to move to Playford over the next 20 years. The state government identified northern Adelaide as the centre of residential growth for South Australia, so it is vital that it also supports the industrial sector to grow in line with population.

“Unlocking this land now means new industries and investment to create much-needed employment opportunities for the region,” the Mayor said. “There needs to be a focus on creating local jobs for local people.

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