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Township soccer fever

Township soccer fever
Published 9 February 2021
The quaint picturesque township of One Tree Hill has soccer fever with the local club seeing significant growth over the past 10 years.

The quaint picturesque township of One Tree Hill has soccer fever with the local club seeing significant growth over the past 10 years.

One Tree Hill Soccer Club President, Jake Milka, said it success was driven by the people and beautiful location.

“I think it’s the community feel and the people we have at the club,” Jake said. “I think everyone always says it’s the people, but it certainly is. And being that little bit away from suburbia it gives that different atmosphere and it feels a lot more like a community.”

In a township of 2,700, the club attracts members from across the northern suburbs to the area.

The club has up to 350 participants, including players and a strong supporter base which it prides itself on.

Player numbers of about 150, about eight teams in 2020, continues to grow with more seniors joining the club.

“We have almost tripled in those seven to eight years, which has been fantastic,” Jake said. “We have had three senior teams for the past two years for the first time in our history, so we have really been growing recently.”

The seniors play in the South Australian Amateur Soccer League in division two or three and compete against a number of northern Adelaide clubs.

One Tree Hill SC 3
One Tree Hill Soccer Club: Club President, Jake Milka, with junior players Mitchell McDonald and Chantelle Rough.

Juniors are generally brought through the club from the local primary school, however for Mitchell McDonald, 12, he travels to be part of his team.

“I like how nice everyone is, how good the coaches are, and how much you will improve here,” Mitchell said. “I am just happy I can play with people I know and have communication with everyone, it’s just fun to do that.”

Mitchell’s Under 13s team has jumped divisions after winning the last two seasons.

The One Tree Hill Club Soccer Club is still recruiting new players for the 2021 season. For more information on the Club, please visit

2021 CFS Shield Day

One Tree Hill Soccer Club and Tea Tree Gully Soccer Club are set to host their second Annual CFS Shield Day, to recognise local stations dedication to their local communities.

Club President, Jake Milka, said the CFS played a vital role in both of these communities and wanted an opportunity to give back.

“It makes it fun for the clubs, the people and especially after what’s been a tough 2020 having this event and making it an annual thing really makes something to look forward to,” Jake said. “It’s going to be year after year, people looking after them (CFS) like they look after us.”

The tournament consists of junior and senior teams from both clubs vying for the win with all profits made from the day divided between CFS stations.

Last year the event raised up to 8,000 through canteen profits, raffle fundraising initiatives and more – and they hope to match this again in 2021.

Come n Try activities will also run alongside the games to provide entertainment on and off the field.

The City of Playford is a proud supporter of this event through its Community Development and Event Grants program. The club received $3,000 to assist with the delivery of the 2021 CFS Shield Day.

CFS Shield Day | 27 February, 2021 | 12pm to 6pm

Cnr Uley and Hanson Road | Elizabeth Downs

For more information on the event visit:

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