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The year of robotics at Playford

The year of robotics at Playford
Published 5 April 2019
Robotics courses are taking local students into the future of work.

We’ve all watched Robot Wars and envied the skills and know-how of the competitors who are creating their epic fighting robots.

Now you too can have the power.

Robotics course coordinator Mathew Turner showing Arduino blocks coding.

Throughout 2019, the City of Playford library is building its STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) programs to include:

  • Beginner and intermediate robotics workshops;
  • Beginner and intermediate coding workshops;
  • CAD programming and 3D-printing workshops;
  • Robotics club.

“These sessions are open to children, teens and adults and teach them how to develop real-world skills for STEAM career pathways that will help them now and into the future,” program coordinator Matthew Turner said.

Addison,10, has joined the robotics course and is enjoying learning how to code and other fun projects.

“Robotics and coding is important because it is a big part of making (computer/video) games,” she said.

Blakeview’s Lauren Goulding her children enjoy the classes because of the access to new technology.

“They have enjoyed learning how to use and navigate 3D CAD (programming), as well as coding projects with the Arduino program,” Lauren said.

The subsidised STEAM courses are operated in the Civic Centre library’s IT Suite, are available throughout the year and can be booked via the Playford library Eventbrite page.