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Smooth driving in Playford with road renewals on track

Smooth driving in Playford with road renewals on track
Published 13 October 2023
City of Playford’s program to resurface roads are off to a good start, with approximately 4.3km of roads resealed in the first quarter of 2023/24 (July-Sept).

The largest single road renewal works have occurred on Coppleridge Drive in Elizabeth where over half a kilometre of road has been resurfaced.

Mayor Glenn Docherty said this work highlights Council’s commitment to improving road connectivity and accessibility throughout the city, including across Playford’s more established suburbs while looking after the environment.

“Council remains committed to delivering a road renewal program across the city that delivers on what we know our community wants which is to walk out of their front door and be able to use roads that are accessible and safe,” said Mayor Docherty.

Each year, Council allocates funding for the renewal of road surfaces when they approach end of life to maintain the safety, integrity and driveability of the road network.

In this year’s budget, 11.5M has been allocated for road and kerb renewals, distributed over 75 roads across 16 suburbs including Hillbank, Craigmore, Andrews Farm, Buckland Park, Davoren Park, Elizabeth and Munno Para.

As part of the approach to road renewals, Council is implementing a number of different solutions to improve road quality and increase asset life.

City of Playford has recently begun using alternative road reseal materials in Hillbank, making use of tried and tested products which boast more durability and flexibility to help combat the environmental cracking throughout this suburb, in addition to the added environmental benefits of using recycled products within the asphalt.

To find out more about Council’s proposed capital works program including road/kerb renewal plans for 2023/24, please visit City of Playford Annual Business Plan and Budget 2023/24.