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Share your views on Council’s proposed by-laws

Share your views on Council’s proposed by-laws
Published 20 July 2022
Consultation on Council’s proposed by-laws is now open.

We are inviting the community to share their views on Council’s proposed by-laws.

By-laws are local laws established by councils to deal with issues specific to their community. For this reason, one council area can have different by-laws from the next.

Covering everyday community issues relating to pets, signs, bird scaring devices to public land – by-laws allow Council to respond to these issues to protect the safety and comfort of residents and businesses.

By-laws complement our responsibility and powers under both state and federal legislation and are required to be reviewed every 7 years.

City of Playford’s by-laws will expire on 1 January 2023.

We currently have seven by-laws and as looking to introduce an eighth law to regulate waste management.

These by-laws are:

  • By-law No.1 – Permits and Penalties
  • By-law No.2 – Moveable Signs
  • By-law No.3 – Local Government Land
  • By-law No.4 – Dogs
  • By-law No.5 – Cats
  • By-law No.6 – Bird Scaring Devices
  • By-law No.7 – Roads
  • By-law No.8 – Waste Management (new)

How to share your views

We have developed a handy Snapshot Paper, which is a great place to start if you are looking to learn more about the above by-laws including their purpose and the proposed changes. You can find this paper on our Engagement Hub page here, along with how to provide your feedback.

Consultation will be open Wednesday 20 July until 16 August 2022. The input we gather will be considered by Council who will then decide whether to adopt the draft by-laws or make further amendments.