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SALA greeting cards from our Playford Friends

SALA greeting cards from our Playford Friends
Published 9 August 2023
Greeting cards made with love by Playford’s Friends Group are now available for purchase.
Playford Friends Greeting Cards
Playford Friends Group cards are available for purchase across Council sites for $2 each or $7 for 5.

Greeting cards made with love by Playford’s Friends Group are now available for purchase, with all proceeds going back into supporting the group and its social enterprise.

Made up of adults living with intellectual disability, the group transformed their artwork from last year’s SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival) into a collection of cards for different occasions.

Mayor Glenn Docherty said it was a fantastic social enterprise and encouraged everyone who can to rally behind them and show their support.

“By purchasing these cards, you support the Playford Friends Group and their ongoing creativity. The funds raised are reinvested to create new cards and empower individuals living with disability,” Mayor Docherty said.

As part of the NDIS funded program, the group comes up with a joint goal each year, which in the past has included writing and recording an original song, publishing their popular book ‘Look n Cook’ and starring in cooking videos of the same name.

This year, the group created a social enterprise to sell their artwork on greeting cards.

"The friends group always have a great time together and are eager to embrace new experiences,” Mayor Docherty said.

Group participant Bronnie said: “I just love the way I’ve done it and how it turned out on the card.”

“I enjoyed doing it and I hope it makes everyone else happy, just as much as it made me happy doing it,” said Ashley, another participant.

The cards can be purchased for $2 each or $7 for 5.

They are available for purchase across City of Playford sites, including the Grenville Hub and the Playford Civic Centre in Elizabeth, the Stretton Centre Library in Munno Para and the John McVeity Centre in Smithfield Plains.

People can join or learn more about the Playford Friends Group by getting in touch with City of Playford’s Community Inclusion team, email or phone 8256 0333.

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Bronnie with her swirly, colourful artwork and greeting card.
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Ashley is giving bunches of roses to all with her personally designed birthday card.