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Pick of the Litter

Pick of the Litter
Published 30 March 2021
From clearing litter, to rescuing litters, Touch has been a tireless volunteer for ten years. Find out how the 'volunteer life' chose Touch.

Meet Touch (pronounced ‘Toosh.') Playford News sat down to interview Touch for her part in volunteering on the Smith Creek Trail, and found a larger story about a generous family of volunteers and great Playford community members.

Touch came along to our meeting with her mother-in-law Margaret, and it turns out that Touch is just one in a family of volunteers – husband Pete, Margaret, and Margaret’s step-son all generously volunteer their time in Playford.

We asked what it was that drew Touch to the ‘volunteering life’ and she said that she’s been volunteering in Playford for 10 years, and used to volunteer regularly at an Op Shop in Playford to help out and meet people. She extended her volunteering time after enjoying a stint grape picking. "I loved it so much, I decided to start my outdoor volunteering," Touch says.

Touch splits her ‘outdoor’ volunteering between the Playford Greening and Landcare Group, FAIBS (Friends of Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary) and Sea Shepherd.

Her work with the Playford Greening and Landcare Group is mainly in the nursery, sowing seeds, but she also helps the Group to tidy up, plant and weed in different areas around Playford.

Touch also does some planting for FAIBS, and picks up litter on the beachfront with Sea Shepherd. Touch says that planting is especially rewarding because you can watch the plants grow, and that makes you feel like you’ve really achieved something.

“I love the outdoors, fresh air, conservation… volunteering outdoors connects you to nature and exercise… it’s so healthy and great for meeting people too.”
Touch Davies

Touch spends her ‘spare’ time making bits and pieces like blankets and beanies at a crochet group at Munno Para. She says Margaret got her into crocheting and she really enjoys the industriousness of it.

Touch describes her family as "...just me and the hubby and our rescue cats." At this point, Margaret jumps in and says "You used to have ten!" They laugh and Touch says "Yes, that’s right! We rescued a mother cat with one eye and her litter of six kittens and they stayed with us til we found them homes. We kept the mum and one of the kittens though…" She shows pictures of a kitten sporting a red crocheted beanie. It wins all the awards for adorable.

Margaret says that Touch fits into the family tradition of ‘growing’ things very well. She herself has a healthy orchard at home, including passionfruit, plums, grapes, thornless blackberries, wellberries, mandarin, and nashi pears. Margaret has fruit all year round, and has so much she often shares with the neighbours. We’re sure that Margaret is just as popular with her neighbours as Touch is with us – thanks for being one of our amazing volunteers Touch!

Playford volunteers are invaluable to our community, they do an amazing job at connecting people and providing services that we otherwise could not run. We try to take every opportunity to thank our volunteers for the selfless work they do, and the personal time they generously commit. To find out more about volunteering visit this link.

Image 1: Luna in red beanie (image supplied)
Image 2: Touch at Smith Creek Trail (Darren Clement Photography)
Image 3: Touch and husband Pete walking on the Trail (Darren Clement Photography)