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Over 150 Playford residents become Aussies this Australian Citizenship Day

Over 150 Playford residents become Aussies this Australian Citizenship Day
Published 18 September 2023
Over 150 Playford residents were conferred at a double citizenship ceremony, hosted by the City of Playford on Sunday 17 September 2023, the day of Australian Citizenship Day.

Conferees from across the world converged on Playford’s Civic Centre for two citizenship ceremonies on Sunday 17 September 2023.

Mayor Glenn Docherty said it was an honour to confer his 4,472nd citizen to Playford during the afternoon ceremony.

“Australian Citizenship Day is about acknowledging the amazing contributions made by people here in Playford and across Australia and represents,” said Mayor Docherty.

“Australian citizenship represents formal membership of the community of the Commonwealth and is a common bond which unites us. “

“I congratulate Sunday’s conferees for making this significant choice – it is the diversity of our community that continues to make Playford a great place to live, work and play.”

Hillbank resident, Sohra Mirzaie was one of the conferees who participated in Sunday’s afternoon citizenship ceremony.

Sohra was only three years old when her and her family fled Afghanistan, crossing the border and seeking refuge in Pakistan.

“We waited in Pakistan for 18 years and moved to Australia in 2013. At first it was a bit of a shock as every aspect of life was different from where we came.

Sohra has been excitedly checking her letterbox every single day for her invitation to the citizenship ceremony.

“When the letter arrived, I was shaking,” said Sohra. “It was a very important moment for me. This means I will have security and will know that I am here to stay.”

Sohra who is studying a certificate 3 in early childhood education said she shouldn’t wait to start giving back to her community.

“I love living here I have received so many opportunities. I can’t wait to share this special moment with my husband and family on Sunday,” she said.