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We are here newsbite (16 October 2020)

We are here newsbite (16 October 2020)
Published 16 October 2020
It's Mental Health Week and we have some events, strategies and tools to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

Start the conversation

It's Mental Health Week and we're encouraging you to openly discuss how you are feeling, and check in with your peers.

If you are interested in learning how you can look after your mental health and support the wellbeing of our community, join our free forum 'Start the Conversation - mental health and wellbeing forum' on Thursday, 22 October from 3-6pm.

The City of Playford’s Mayor Glenn Docherty will open the forum, and welcome master of ceremonies and key speaker Nathan Bolton, member of the SA Premier's Council on Suicide Prevention. Nathan will be joined by two key speakers who are passionate about creating good mental health for all – Anthony Hart and Khadija Gbla.

Note: During these sessions we will be discussing sensitive topics which may be a trigger point for you. We have safe spaces available if you need a break, and members of the Skylight Mental Health team available to provide you support.

‘Start the conversation’ is an initiative of the City of Playford possible thanks to funding received by the Northern Communities Health Foundation.

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This forum is open to community members of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and abilities. We encourage you to join us to ‘Start the conversation.’

Elizabeth COVID-19 pop-up clinic

From Monday, 19 October to Sunday, 1 November between 9am-5pm you can have a free COVID-19 test at the pop-up clinic on the ground floor of Adelaide United Football Club's administration building in Elizabeth (corner of Goodman Rd and Elizabeth Way).

Let's continue to get tested so we don't undo all of our hard work!

If you have any of the below symptoms, even if mild, go to the testing clinic for a free COVID-19 test:

  • fever or chills
  • cough
  • fatigue
  • sore throat
  • runny nose
  • shortness of breath

On the Verge

The recent heavy rainfalls mean there is going to be rapid growth of grass, lawns, roadsides and open spaces in the weeks ahead, and we are here keeping our public spaces in check.

The city-wide mowing program is ongoing, and while it's always challenging keeping up with the spring growth, rest assured we are working hard on it and will continue to do so throughout spring.

Timings for verge mowing in your area can be found at the below link, but if you have any particular concerns about high grass, please report to us by calling 8256 0333 or download the My Playford App and lodge a report there.

Woody on mower
Mad keen Dogs fan, Woody, on the mower. (Note - he has to remove his scarfe and put on the PPE before the mower gets going.)

New community garden project

Spring has Sprung and it’s time to celebrate the warmer months.

To celebrate we are creating a new community garden at The Precinct in Smithfield Plains.

We are on the hunt for garden enthusiasts to join us for a community meeting to see how to get involved.

There are so many benefits to community gardens from producing fresh local foods to improving health and wellbeing by being active.

The community garden meeting will be held on Monday 26 October from 11am to 12pm at the Precinct, 112 Coventry Road , Smithfield Plains.

For more information please our Health Project Officer, April Horn, on 0413 510 504 or

New community garden coming soon to The Precinct.

Make a Promise

We're encouraging you to make a mental health promise to yourself - something just for you, a healthy change or commitment to intentionally look after your own wellbeing.

Your promise can be anything from 'read more books' or 'eat healthier' to 'call my sister more often'.

Mental Health Australia has a great way to formalise your promise - just go to the link below, select a promise or upload your own and they'll send you something you can display at home or in your office as a reminder to prioritise your mental health.

Here are some great things you can do for your mental health and wellbeing, which may form part of your promise:

💪 Stay active
🥗 Eat well
☎️ Connect with others
😄 Do something you enjoy each day
📵 Limit media consumption – choose trusted sources
⏰ Try and keep to a routine
🛌 Get an early night
💐 Be kind to yourself
☯️ Try to maintain perspective
📣 Don't be afraid to seek help

Snakes Ahead

Stay alert - not alarmed.

We're well into Spring, and it's the time of year when snakes start becoming more active, so you need to keep an eye out.

We're not all lucky enough to have a protective meerkat in the yard, so we have to take some sensible precautions around the home to protect our family, visitors and pets.

Find some great tips at the link below, plus suggestions for who to call if you find a snake in your yard.

Be Well Tracker

We have partnered with the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre to bring everyone the Be Well Tracker online tool. This tool is completely confidential and has been developed so you can learn about your own mental health and wellbeing while tracking your progress over time.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete the survey, and then you receive a report on the areas of your life you might be excelling, where you may need to do a little work, or where you may need some support. It's a great way to stay conscious of your mental health needs and make a plan to look after yourself!

Register before 17 October for this Mental Health Week Be Well Tracker.

Sahmri banner
Completing the Be Well Tracker online is simple and gives you a great snapshot of your current wellbeing status. You can update it over time and check your progress.

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