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Our new Council

Our new Council
Published 22 November 2022
Our new Council has been sworn in for 2022-2026.
Whole Council Group shot

Last night we held our Oath of Office ceremony – swearing in the City of Playford Council for 2022-2026.

Once sworn into office, Mayor Glenn Docherty welcomed other returning councillors, Peter Rentoulis, Clint Marsh, Jane Onuzans, Gay Smallwood-Smith, David Kerrison, Andrew Craig, Katrina Stroet, Marilyn Baker, Shirley Halls, Misty Norris and Akram Arifi.

New councillors to take their oath include Rebecca Vandepeear, Chantelle Karlsen, Tanya Smiljanic and Zahra Bayani.

The new Council has a great mix of experience and fresh energy, as well as a solid foundation to deliver on behalf of Playford residents.

More than 19,000 ballot papers were received during the 2022 election, with 28 per cent of registered voters in Playford having their say on our city’s leadership.

Our Council represents five wards and a city that stretches across established suburbs and emerging communities, horticultural lands, townships, and the hills.

Councillors by Ward:

Ward 1

Peter Rentoulis

Rebecca Vandepeear

Clint Marsh

Ward 2

Jane Onuzans

Gay Smallwood-Smith

Chantelle Karlsen

Ward 3

Tanya Smiljanic

David Kerrison

Andrew Craig

Ward 4

Zahra Bayani

Katrina Stroet

Marilyn Baker

Ward 5

Shirley Halls

Misty Norris

Akram Arifi