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Our ANZAC tradition with Pastor Sellars

Our ANZAC tradition with Pastor Sellars
Published 8 April 2021
For Pastor Bryan Sellars of Northern Communities Hope Church (Churches of Christ) in Davoren Park there is something special about Playford.

For Pastor Bryan Sellars of Northern Communities Hope Church in Davoren Park there is something special about Playford.

“I was initially drawn to Playford as my wife is from the area,” said Pastor Sellars.

I enjoy working alongside people from the community and supporting those who may be battling or struggling in life for one reason or another, assisting them to grow and develop as a person and to have access to opportunities other people may take for granted.
Pastor Bryan Sellars

Pastor Sellars enjoys volunteering in the Playford area, contributing to the local community’s wellbeing as he can. He is on the board of the Playford Community Fund and also the Elizabeth South Community Centre.

Having first led City of Playford's ANZAC Day Dawn Service in 2005, Pastor Sellars returned in 2008 and has conducted the Dawn Service ever since.

“I appreciate being asked to lead the service,” said Pastor Sellars. “There is something special about it - it is a rather solemn ceremony, with hushed tones while people pay their respects. “The reverence and atmosphere is something that draws me to it.”

Having been involved in thirteen ANZAC commemorations Pastor Sellars has witnessed Playford’s ANZAC commemorations mature and grow, and attendees increase.

“When the centenary of the First World War came along in 2014 numbers were boosted significantly and the addition of the Overnight Vigil drew more people to the commemorations. “It has been good to see that development over the years.”

The Dawn Service may be relatively short, however seeing a broad range of community members attend and show their respects is one of Pastor Sellars highlights.

“The atmosphere, the assembling of the crowd, the cool of the morning and of course the whole purpose of why we are there, are all highlights for me. “And then to have the break of dawn as we finish up, there’s something special about that.”

Pastor Sellars is looking forward to the 2021 commemorations after paying his respect at the top of his driveway, alongside neighbours, last year.

“I think there will be a sense of regathering this year. “Given that last year we were unable to meet together, no doubt that was disappointing for some people, so being together again this year will be important for many.”