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New pedestrian crossing at Woodford Road for local school community

New pedestrian crossing at Woodford Road for local school community
Published 3 July 2024
Council's new pedestrian crossing on Woodford Road in Elizabeth is making the walk to school safer and easier for all.

Playford College students will now have a safer passage to and from school, with the City of Playford installing a new pedestrian crossing on Woodford Road in Elizabeth.

The pedestrian actuated crossing comes equipped with push-button lights to stop traffic, helping to improve the area’s overall safety and accessibility, especially for those walking or cycling to the school gates.

College students and teachers also frequent Dauntsey Reserve, located across the road from the school, for open space and recreational activities. The addition of the pedestrian crossing provides a safer way for students and staff to travel between the reserve and school.

Playford College Principal Chris Riemann said the new crossing meant students no longer had to rely on the goodwill of drivers.

Deputy Principal Racha Makki also said that: “Playford College staff, students and parents are very grateful to the City of Playford for keeping our children and young people safe when they cross the busy Woodford Road.”

Mayor Glenn Docherty said Council’s commitment to delivering new footpaths and creating more accessible neighbourhoods extended to ensuring our students arrive at school safely.

“I’m thrilled a pedestrian actuated crossing has been installed, delivering a dedicated pedestrian crossing for local residents and students,” the Mayor said.

“This crossing is also beneficial for other vulnerable road users in our community because push-button crossings make it easier for those with a mobility, vision or hearing impairment to safely cross a road.

“This crossing also provides easier pedestrian access to Dauntsey Reserve which is a heavily used sports facility in our community.”

The crossing was included as part of Council’s 2023/24 budget in the Traffic Management Minor Projects program, which aims to improve road, pedestrian, and traffic safety within the city through the delivery of new traffic safety infrastructure.

Recently, Elizabeth Grove Primary School received a new emu crossing out of the same targeted projects budget to help provide a safe walk to school for parents, students and staff.