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New and improved footpaths for Munno Para Kindergarten

New and improved footpaths for Munno Para Kindergarten
Published 19 October 2023
A footpath at the front of Munno Para Kindergarten has recently been upgraded, making the return to Term 4 as easy as a walk in the park.

The new and smoother footpath has come as a warm welcome back to school for the students, parents, caregivers and staff at the kindergarten.

“We know that many households live within walking distance of their kindy as the catchment area is smaller than schools. The upgrade will mean students and families have an improved connection to and from the kindergarten,” the Mayor said.

Local resident Sandra who has a child that attends the kindergarten said the upgraded footpath is providing a better sensory experience for her two children.

“My children who have special needs didn’t like the feeling of the old footpath. The new footpath means that I don’t need to carry them to the kindergarten anymore as they feel they can walk on their own,” said Sandra.

Mayor Glenn Docherty said the footpath, located on Karinga Crescent, is part of a broader program by Council to renew footpaths and improve pedestrian access citywide.

“Council maintains more than 800km of footpath throughout our city and $2.2 million was allocated to renewing existing footpaths in this year’s Annual Business Plan,” said Mayor Docherty.

Once the project is complete, approximately 100 metres of footpaths surrounding Munno Para Kindergarten will be upgraded, covering the area from Karinga Crescent to Koongarra Crescent.

“These footpaths are approaching their end of life, which is why they were marked for renewal,” said the Mayor. “Just like roads, footpaths are regularly inspected and given a condition rating which informs our renewal plans.”

Approximately 1.9km of footpaths have been renewed this year in Munno Para, including Nyeena Court, Palari Crescent and in Maltarra Reserve.

Council will be undertaking further renewal roll outs, with 6.7km of footpath renewals planned for the rest of the financial year in established areas.