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Last Chance to Nominate for Living Life to the Fullest Award

Last Chance to Nominate for Living Life to the Fullest Award
Published 11 October 2022
Nominations are soon closing for this year's Living Life to the Fullest Award. Scroll down to read full article.
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Nominations are soon closing for this year's Living Life to the Fullest Award

When Dianne Martin was nominated for the Living Life to the Fullest Award last year she was overwhelmed with joy.

“I couldn’t believe I was nominated, I was going about my business and doing what I love and to get that recognition was just amazing,” she said.

When Dianne won the award, along with Kathy Simmonds and Ron Tailor, she was honoured.

“It was one of the proudest moments of my life,” she said.

Presented by the City of Playford, the Living Life to the Fullest Award is an important recognition of older individuals who contribute greatly to our community.

Those who are nominated are invited to attend an awards night with family and friends.

The winners are announced and presented with the award by Mayor Glenn Docherty on the night.

Kathy remembers how special the award night was for all the nominees.

“It was a wonderful evening, and we were all dressed up. It was great, not just for us but for everyone who came,” she said.

Kathy, who teaches tap dancing and computer skills at the Grenville Hub, said the hardest thing for people is walking through the door.

“Once they arrive, they enjoy themselves,” she said.

Dianne, who teaches the Keep Fit classes at the Grenville Hub said it is not just about keeping fit but social connection.

“To me it is not just about the fitness it is about the socialising. You go and have a cup of tea and you talk to people that are going through similar things that you are going through,” she said.

Dianne said the friends and support she has found through volunteering and participating in community activities has made for a rewarding retirement.

“There is not enough time in the day to get everything done that you want to do. My life at this age is healthy, not just physically healthy but mentally as well. We have so many friendships and we go out once a month to different lunch places and when I was at my lowest point after my knee operation I had so many people ringing and messaging me to see how I was,” she said.

Kathy said the award meant “an appreciation and an acknowledgement of what we do matters, it matters to other people”.

Kathy’s advice to those who are thinking about nominating someone, is that “nominating is a huge deal, and it means so much to those who are nominated.”

Dianne said living life to the fullest is about loving what you do.

“My kids say to me, I am always happy and smiling. I always have a smile on my face because I am loving my life and the key thing is to enjoy what you are doing and everything else will fall into place,” she said.

The Living Life to the Fullest Awards are open to anyone who is 60 years old and over and lives or works in the City of Playford.

If you would like to nominate a person or group that you believe is making a difference to the community nomination forms are available at Grenville Reception or email for more information (

Award nominations are open until October 14

Award Categories

• Living life to the fullest award winners

• Highly Commended award winners

• Inspirational Community group (1)

Individuals are not eligible for nomination if they:

• Have previously received a Living Life to the Fullest Award.

• Are sitting state or federal politician, current vice-regal officer, or an Elected Member of Council.