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Get to know Councillor Misty Norris

Get to know Councillor Misty Norris
Published 18 October 2021
Cr Norris is a sports person, a teacher, Playford born and a Councillor for Ward 5 at the City of Playford.

Councillor Misty Norris is an avid netballer and can be often found competing centre-court for the Angle Vale Netball Club.

She has a strong connection with Argana Park in Elizabeth Downs having played and supported friends in various sporting codes located at the grounds.

“I am quite involved down here [Argana Park], I have a lot of friends that play at the local soccer club and for the Elizabeth Football Club,” Cr Norris said. “I have some good memories with netball premierships – it’s just a good place to be. There are just so many people that come out here, people love their sports and I think that’s really good because it keeps the community active.”

She reminisced on her early childhood of playing cricket in the streets until dusk, riding her bike through the local suburbs and attending the Elizabeth Downs Primary School.

Growing up in Playford, Cr Norris said it was the people and the lifelong friendships made through school and sport that have kept her here.

“I can even see that in the sporting clubs with people I am friends with now and older people who have played sport together for 50 years and are still friends,” she said. “I think everyone looks out for each other here and you’ve got that good sense of community, which is truly alive and well.”

Get to know Councillor Misty Norris

Education has played a pivotal role in Cr Norris’ life with the past decade committed to study. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts in politics, a Bachelor of Education and most recently completed a graduate certificate in teaching English as a second language.

It was during the height of study that Cr Norris’ passion for politics urged her to run for Council elections in Ward 5.

“I needed to get involved, it was about time,” she said. “I really wanted to represent the community. “You see so much growth happening in the area and also representing the older areas of Playford, I really wanted to get involved. “I know so many people through sporting commitments and through primary school. “The general sense of community has made it easier for people to reach out to me because they know me.”

Along with her commitment to Council and local sport, Cr Norris is also involved in the local RSL and Midway Road Community House.

Cr Norris said it’s important to see an engaged and active community, which is proud and committed to its future.

“To bridge the communication gap and make sure people do know what’s going on, celebrate our successes and know they can come to us,” she said. “It’s also about making sure we have the right facilities to support small business and making sure we have sporting grounds up to scratch – so everyone can still be involved.”

She said the future of Playford is forever changing and is a very different place now to her younger years.

“There is a lot of facilities now, which has been great because growth has been astronomical,” she said. “We just need to be conscious of growth and what we can do to get that right. “It’s always evolving and we continue to better plan for the future of our community.”