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Get to know Councillor Jane Onuzans

Get to know Councillor Jane Onuzans
Published 1 November 2021
Cr Jane Onuzans is a mum, a pastor, a Justice of the Peace and a Councillor for Ward 2 in the City of Playford.

Councillor Jane Onuzans grew up in a small place called Tambongon, Catanduanes Philippines.

She moved to Australia with her husband in the early 80s after completing her studies in a Bachelor of Science – Nursing.

Cr Onuzans said she moved to the area and made Playford her home looking for new opportunities.

“We wanted to have this adventure in life and take the risk,” Cr Onuzans said. “I remembered one of our friends suggested to come out here because it was growing and a great place to raise children.”

And that’s exactly what she did, Cr Onuzans raised her two sons while watching the community grow and thrive.

Her family spent their days frequenting local community spaces, whether that was at Fremont Park or Parra Wirra Conservation Park.

“We usually went on the weekend to Fremont Park,” she said. “It was all about the kids rolling around that elevated green grassed ground, we would sit and watch the ducks around the fountain and we would bring our own picnic basket – stuff like that.”

Get to know Cr Jane Onuzans

Cr Onuzans said where she grew up instilled a sense of community service, loyalty and lasting relationships – which influenced her today.

“Those early learnings and experiences in that small place have influenced me in such a big way as I grew into adulthood, which I am really thankful,” she said. “It really prepared me for the role I am in now and other occupations. “It’s always been about people and with people.”

She has found that connectedness through her involvement in church, volunteering in many roles, but particularly in her position as a Pastor.

“I got really involved in church life,” she said. “I was volunteering doing children activities and looking after them. “Then it progressed to adult ministry and then getting my diploma in Christian Ministry. “My personal relationship with God established that greater perspective in me about valuing people.”

Cr Onuzans became an Elected Member in 2014 for Ward 2, in a social responsibility mission to give back her community.

“My life has always been about people, and giving back to people’s lives and the community,” she said. “It was a journey for me, I put up my hand and stood for Blakeview, Munno Para, Munno Para West, Munno Para Downs and Smithfield – this is the area where I live and I am proud to be here. “It is all about the community where you live. “You have to take pride about the place where you live and make sure you can make a difference in people’s lives because every life is important in the formation of society and the greater good of the community.”

A proud resident of 39 years, Cr Onuzans said the future for the City of Playford is exciting with many opportunities for all ages.

“Look closer with what we have here, see what you can contribute to the city,” she said. “There is so much happening now in the CBD, we’ve got the new Grenville Hub. In the Playford Alive Town Park, we’ve got the Stretton Centre business hub with the library. Our parks are getting revitalised, all the new housing, the Angle Vale and Virginia areas – there is just so much to be proud of and City of Playford residents can be proud of.”