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Get to know Councillor Cathy-Jo Tame

Get to know Councillor Cathy-Jo Tame
Published 8 November 2021
Cr Cathy-Jo Tame is a mum, a caregiver, an advocate for disability and a Councillor for Ward 1 in the City of Playford.

Having a lived experience of disability, Councillor Cathy-Jo Tame is committed to bridging the gap and advocating for vulnerable people in the community.

Some of her work included fundraising efforts for her daughter’s school, Adelaide North Special School, as well as running a small cleaning and house care business for those who have special needs.

“It’s just about getting out and about and doing what I can to bridge the gap of the unknown when it comes to disability and the aged community,” she said. “Helping people along with some ideas and support within that.”

Cr Tame helped to establish the Playford Women’s Shed after seeing a need to support women in complex isolating situations.

“I saw a huge need for support to establish the women’s shed, especially with domestic violence (DV), disability and isolation,” she said.

She is also an active member of the Access and Social Inclusion Advisory Group, which recently played a significant role in the design of Fremont Park.

“Fremont Park is something that is very dear to me because I wanted to be part of creating disability play equipment and being on the access and inclusion committee made improvements to the design to make it what it is today,” she said. “It’s great to bring my daughter down here, get her on a trampoline – other things that you would never think to put a wheelchair on and have that inclusive enjoyment.”

Cr Tame said the Chamber was proactive in raising awareness and advocating for those living with a disability and the aged community.

And it was her mission to continue this role, when elected as a Councillor in 2018 for Ward 1.

“It has always been a passion to be that voice and representative,” she said. “I think a lot of people who are in need don’t have a voice or they don’t know the avenues to speak up. “Being able to do that in Local Government and finding more information for people, it’s really valuable and important.”

Get to know Cr Cathy-Jo Tame

Cr Tame has lived in the northern suburbs for most of her life and moved into Playford 10 years ago.

She said there were many benefits and opportunities by making the move further north for her family.

“It was affordable housing and it was close to shops, Elizabeth City Centre and Munno Para,” she said. “The main reason was job prospects and also the opportunity to build a house within our budget.”

The City of Playford has a continued focus on working collaboratively on the foundational needs of the community to place it in good stead for supporting prosperity, liveability and happiness into the future.

And while she is committed to see investment in these core services and facilities, Cr Tame said the future of Playford is exciting with new projects coming online.

“Investment into core infrastructure such as improvements to footpaths, roads and bus shelters is important,” she said. “But I am definitely looking forward to seeing the hotel develop, that will be a big thing. “I am very excited to see that happen and other prospects within the CBD with more activities and events.”

But her main objective, making sure the growth of the city is one that supports all.

“I think the future of all inclusion, accessibility, fun and community would definitely be the way to go,” she said.