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Get to know Councillor Andrew Craig

Get to know Councillor Andrew Craig
Published 29 November 2021
Cr Craig is a positive community leader, a pastor, engaged in spiritual and community activities and a Councillor for Ward 3 in the City of Playford.

Cr Andrew Craig has lived in the Playford community for more than 40 years, completing his year 12 schooling in Elizabeth.

He moved to the city with his parents and sisters, first making Elizabeth South their home.

Cr Craig has had various roles within the city from working at the former Commonwealth Employment Service (CES) to the local motor registration office.

“I have always enjoyed living in Playford and being part of the community,” Cr Craig said. “I have worked in various roles, including in different government roles in the region within the health and disability sectors. “I have always been engaged with my community, it has always been home to me.”

He has also served the community in the Army Reserves, but you can now find him, as a pastor at the Church For You within Playford.

“I am a full-time pastor serving in Elizabeth Park where I meet a lot of people from across the community,” he said. “We have lots of programs and activities, both spiritual and practical, to support and bring hope to people to become a vibrant part of the community.”

Cr Craig has been an Elected Member for 21 years and described his time “as a real journey having lived both in the rural and urban areas” of the city.

“It helps me relate to both communities across our expansive city and their lived experience from a country to inner city life,” he said. “Delivering community services has always been my passion, both in my career and my church background.”

Get to know Cr Andrew Craig

He said that supporting the community to grow and being a positive influence was pivotal.

“I felt being on Council was a real opportunity for me to be more involved in the decision making and planning of the city, making it a better place for people to live,” Cr Craig said. “I can see the potential for continued growth and a lot of positivity within the community with new suburbs, expanding housing and economic development. “From the Peachey Belt project, urban regeneration and enhancements of Fremont Park – we have so many opportunities being on the urban fringe.”

Cr Craig said the City of Playford has a bright future and one that held a lot of opportunities for existing and new families.

“There is a whole new positive energy with new development in the city,” he said. “As new families make the city home from all different backgrounds, cultures and communities, it enhances and enriches the social fabric of society we have it making it a bright future for Playford.”