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Gamers launch VR experience

Gamers launch VR experience
Published 12 December 2018
Northern Adelaide gamers release VR experience as part of a pilot program at Northern Sound System.

Northern Adelaide gamers have developed a virtual reality experience, thanks to a pilot program at Northern Sound System (NSS).

The Northern Adelaide Senior College’s Academy of Gaming, Film and Animation has created a sci-fi escape room VR game, Cell Block 4, with the support of industry partner Mighty Kingdom.

Mighty Kingdom’s Jeff Wong said the 12-month program was an opportunity for the students to work on a “real-world” creative industry project.

“The students got a sense of what it might be like to work in the industry and I think that was the key take away,” Jeff said.

Gamers launch VR game, Cell Block 4.

Student, Sam Fluris, has been studying various forms of asset creation and 3D modelling for over five years and continues to soak up any knowledge in the industry he can gain.

“I want to get more experience in the industry, more knowledge of what I like to do, and then work with a games company,” Sam said.

“We are so passionate about what we do and it’s our dream goal to make this a career.”
Sam Fluris

The games industry continues to grow and is looking to the next generation of creative thinkers.

“The creation of a game requires art, design, coding and project management,” Jeff said.

“There’s music, there’s sound, there is every kind of creative component you can think of can be utilize in the games industry.”

The project was a joint initiative between the City of Playford, Department for Industry and Skills, Mighty Kingdom and NASC.