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From Phnom Pehn to Playford

From Phnom Pehn to Playford
Published 5 June 2024
Cambodian-born Channthou Sen was among 74 new Australians welcomed at a recent Citizenship Ceremony.

The 44-year-old and his children Diamond, 17, and Piseth Oscar, 13, left their home in the capital city of Phnom Pehn and arrived in Australia four and a half years ago.

Over time, the family has adjusted to their new home in Virginia Grove, preferring the cooler weather to Cambodia’s tropical humidity and a peaceful pace of life away from the crowded capital city.

“Adelaide is a beautiful city,” said Channthou who shared his desire to see more of the country soon. “The nature here is amazing and I love the people and their kindness.”

The promise of a better life and a quality education for his children led to the big move.

“I like that you can contribute your knowledge and experience to the community and that we’re part of something here,” he said. “The education is also very good.”

City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty conferees Playford residents to Australian citizenship, with regular ceremonies held throughout the year.

“Seeing our residents become Australian citizens is a memorable occasion for not just the conferees, but their families, friends and officials here at the City of Playford,” the Mayor said. “I have conferred over 5,000 residents during my time as mayor, and the ceremonies, while a formalised process to receive citizenship, are always poignant and joyous occasions.”

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Australian Citizenship.

“Welcoming new citizens strengthens and unites our community,” the Mayor said. “Our most recent ceremony provided the chance to celebrate the great cultural diversity of our community and the commitment conferees, like Channthou, Diamond and Piseth Oscar have made to being part of Playford’s future.”

Council has welcomed more than 500 new Australian citizens over the last twelve months.