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Chart topping song.

Chart topping song.
Published 7 February 2022
Are you “spaghetti ready” to hear the most wholesome song that is set to climb the top 50 singles chart?

Are you “spaghetti ready” to hear the most wholesome song that is set to climb the top 50 singles chart?

The Playford Friends Group has written and produced a new song all about friendship and the things they love.

Each term the group sets goals to achieve with the latest accomplishment learning how to sing.

“They asked us what our favourite things were – our favourite food, our favourite activities – and then they mashed it all into a song,” participant Ann-Marie Kaczmarek said.

She and fellow vocalist, Janelle Gould, feature in the song that definitely “make me happy, [and] they make me giggly”.

“It was really, really fun to make the song,” Ann-Marie said. “Music makes me happy, I just love music. I was a little nervous at first, but once I got going it was fun.”

Friendship song by the Playford Friends Group

These born stars both “felt like professional celebrities” when in the studio recording the Playford Friends Group’s new track.

And move over Britney Spears. You can see Ann-Marie, Janelle and the rest of the troop carving up the dance floor in their accompanying clip.

“We just love to dance,” Janelle said. “We also have heaps of cool dance moves.”

The song was produced, recorded and filmed at Northern Sound System with the help of talented music professionals – singer Katie Pomery, project facilitator Marcus McFly, photographer Daniel Steinhert, and videographer Damon Sparkes.

“This was an amazing experience; the talented artists worked with us to create our sound and form our lyrics, supporting us to take the lead and be super creative and personalised,” program coordinator, Cyndi Neuzerling said. “This song shows everyone what we are all about.”

The Playford Friends Group is an NDIS funded program that supports adults with an intellectual disability to increase their social skills and promote community participation through group activities and introduction to services or locations available in their local community.

For further information call 8256 0333.