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Festive Playford | Give the gift of reading.

Festive Playford | Give the gift of reading.
Published 30 November 2020
Hear how some of our community will be celebrating the end of 2020.

Give the Gift of Reading

For Daina Pocius, Heritage Coordinator at the City of Playford Library, the end of year is about sharing her passion and love of books with the community.

“In 2012 a former colleague shared with me how it was common for local children to start school without ever having seen or picked up a book,” said Diana. "They didn't even know how to hold or use a book!"

For a book enthusiast like Daina this was inconceivable. With Christmas approaching, she had the simple idea of asking local people to donate new books to local children as Christmas presents.

“We decided to partner with Anglicare who already provide support and gift hampers to the local community,” said Daina.

“Anglicare were able to add a book to their existing hampers. From here, Give the Gift of Reading was born.”

Give the Gift of Reading is now in its ninth year. Since 2012 six metropolitan libraries in South Australia have joined the campaign.

“We continue to run the initiative because we believe it does make a difference,” said Daina.

Reading can change people’s lives. It opens doors – to imagination, a world you may not be able to physically access but you can through a book.
Daina Pocius
Daina carries a stack of books at the Playford Civic Centre Library.

Brand new books can be donated until Tuesday, 15 December at the Playford Civic Centre and Stretton Centre libraries.

Fast Facts

  • More than 6,000 books have been donated since 2012
  • The initiative has received three awards:
    • Local Government Award for Leadership Excellence Awards 2014
    • Playford Local Hero Award for Leadership in Community Services 2014
    • Jim Crawford Award for Innovation for Libraries 2014