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Enrol to vote before Friday 29 July

Enrol to vote before Friday 29 July
Published 13 July 2022
Voting is open to more people in a council election, including non-Australian citizens, international students and businesses. But, you need to ensure you're enrolled to vote first.

Now’s the time to enrol to vote in the 2022 Council Elections.

It’s not just residents that can vote in a council election. If you’re a property owner, renter, or business owner in the City of Playford you can vote in the local council elections, but you must be enrolled by Friday 29 July.

If you recently voted in the state elections, you are already enrolled to vote and will automatically receive a voting pack at your place of residence in October.

However if you have recently turned 18, changed your address or personal details since the state election, you will need to update these details. See the appropriate link below.

Generally more people are eligible to vote in a council election compared to a state or federal election. For instance, non-Australian citizens including international students and workers can vote as long as they are enrolled before the deadline.

Choose one of the following options to update your details or enrol to vote:

To find out more visit the Council Elections website at

Nominate for Council

There is a two-week period for people to nominate for Council. Nominations for councillor or mayor open on Tuesday 23 August 2022 and close on Tuesday 6 September 2022.