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Elected Members: How are you staying connected?

Elected Members: How are you staying connected?
Published 23 June 2020
Each edition of Playford News we pose a question to your Elected Member Team. In this edition we asked - "How are you staying connected?"
Mayor Docherty
Mayor Glenn Docherty: I have been staying connected with family, friends and residents to maintain social interaction, just doing it differently via phone, email, and internet. My family enjoy the Library service. We stay connected via the home delivery service and watching the kids activities via Facebook.

Ward One

Suburbs: Buckland Park, Waterloo Corner, Virginia, Eyre, Penfield, Penfield Gardens, MacDonald Park, Andrews Farm and Smithfield Plains; and parts of the suburbs of Angle Vale (to the west of the Northern Expressway) and Edinburgh North.

Cr Rentoulis
Cr Peter Rentoulis: I am staying connected by phone, email and social media. I have been catching up with fellow Elected Members and going for walks throughout Ward 1. I’m also in contact with the Residents Committee of the Palms Residential Park to check in with their needs.
Cr Tame
Cr Cathy-Jo Tame: I am staying connected through social media. Due to COVID-19 I am unable to do meet and greets, so social media and community Facebook pages is the number one way to communicate and to know what’s happening out there.
Cr Marsh
Cr Clint Marsh: I have implemented a weekly Saturday morning walk with my fellow Ward Councillors. We walk different areas of the ward, and continue to understand the various needs of the area we represent.

Ward Two

Suburbs: Munno Para Downs, Munno Para West, Munno Para and Smithfield; and parts of the suburb of Blakeview and Angle Vale (to the east of the Northern Expressway).

Cr Ouzans
Cr Jane Onuzans: I’m sharing the City of Playford services via Facebook, to families and members of the community. Hard waste collection, rates, activities for the youngsters and vulnerable, advance notices and issues in the community is a phone call or email away.
Cr Smallwood Smith
Cr Gay Smallwood-Smith: During the pandemic, I have been talking with residents by phone and submitting requests for service on their behalf, as well as checking on the wellbeing and needs of friends. I’ve been donating groceries for distribution to families in need, and keeping close touch with family.
Cr Coppins 2
Cr Stephen Coppins: I regularly contact some of the vulnerable community members known to me, to check on their welfare and if they need anything. I’m always available by phone or email, along with a community presence, while maintaining social distancing.

Ward Three

Suburbs: Craigmore, Hillbank, Gould Creek, One Tree Hill, Sampson Flat, Humbug Scrub, Uleybury, Yattalunga and Bibaringa.

Cr Craig
Cr Andrew Craig: People are pulling together. We are live streaming our church services, and distributing DVDs with an uplifting message to folk without internet - so they don’t miss out. It’s good to be mindful and look out for more vulnerable community members.
Cr Kerrison
Cr David Kerrison: During these difficult times social distancing has reduced face to face engagement within the community. I’ve been staying connected by phone, email and Facebook. Hoping communication and interaction with residents, family and friends will be back to normal soon!
Cr Gossink
Cr Veronica Gossink: Staying connected is important to support mental health. Over 3 million Australians live with anxiety or depression, and we should not feel alone - even if socially isolated. Reach out now and stay connected, Beyond Blue offer 24/7 support.

Ward Four

Suburbs: Davoren Park, Elizabeth North, Elizabeth, Elizabeth South and Elizabeth Vale; and part of the suburb of Edinburgh North.

Cr Ryan
Cr Dennis Ryan: I have been keeping in touch with family, friends and neighbours by phone calls and messaging, to make sure they are safe and well. I have enjoyed time in the garden, going on walks and doing odd jobs around the home.
Cr Stroet
Cr Katrina Stroet: I am staying connected by engaging with local residents and business owners in a local park, while maintaining social distancing. I am also staying connected by continuing to write posts on my Councillor Facebook page about what is happening around Playford.
Cr Baker
Cr Marilyn Baker - Deputy Mayor: Thanks to our wonderful staff, Playford has been able to stay connected with our residents providing many services direct to your door and keeping in constant touch by telephone with people. Please keep safe everyone, we care for our community.

Ward Five

Suburbs: Elizabeth Downs, Elizabeth Park, Elizabeth East and Elizabeth Grove; and part of the suburb of Blakeview.

Cr Arifi
Cr Akram Arifi: I’m staying connected with family, friends and community members through social media, FaceTime and Zoom. Normally, I am busy with work, Council and sport, however these restrictions have provided more time to spend with my family and work on my cooking skills.
Cr Norris
Cr Misty Norris: I’m staying connected by reaching out to family, friends and community members to check on their wellbeing and letting them know about the services available that may help them. I am also utilising my Councillor Facebook page to update the community on any important messages.
Cr Halls
Cr Shirley Halls: I'm staying connected through the internet, Facebook and phone calls to community members. The Rotary Club has been active in our community to find ways that we can help during this time. Rotary supplied activities, pencils and paper to children who were in need and home from school.