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Drakes investment brings jobs to the north

Drakes investment brings jobs to the north
Published 3 October 2019
A $125m investment in the City of Playford is bringing upwards of 140 jobs to our community.

The Drakes Distribution Centre at Edinburgh North was opened in September and features $15m worth of robotics equipment as part of a wider high-tech warehousing picking system.

The vision of Drakes Supermarkets managing director Roger Drake, the warehouse is three times the size of the MCG or 40 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

At its opening, Mr Drake said the distribution centre was one of the most “innovative independent logistics centres of its kind”.

The market is changing and never before has it been so intense with options. We knew we needed to reduce the costs of goods to be more competitive if our business was going to remain for generations to come.
Roger Drake, Drakes Supermarkets managing director

The City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty welcomed the development to our community.

“This large-scale operation presents a major boost for our local economy and will also contribute to creating upwards of 140 ongoing jobs - which is great news for the north,” Mayor Docherty said.

“Since the closure of Holden, this is just one of many private commercial investments coming into our region, this $125m investment in Playford shows that there is business confidence to invest in our community.

“I congratulate Roger Drake and his family for this significant investment.”