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CBD Development Opportunity - what you need to know

CBD Development Opportunity - what you need to know
Published 17 August 2021
As part of the process in bringing our Community Vision 2043 to life, we have gone out with a request for EOI's to commercial developers in the market.

The City of Playford has invited EOI's, which will help us to gauge market interest in development opportunities that may fulfill the Community Vision in our CBD in line with the Playford Community Vision 2043.

This vision will potentially include a thriving mix of retail and commercial activity along with services, entertainment and experiences, higher education, cultural pursuits, public spaces and a more attractive and green entrance corridor.

We are going to keep you informed along each step in the process and you will continue to have the opportunity to share your views.

For your Frequently Asked Questions see below.

Expressions of Interest FAQ's

What is an EOI Process?
  • An Expression of Interest (EOI) is an approach to the market seeking partners to deliver the vision for the CBD as presented to the community during the recent public consultation process and as identified by our community through the Playford Community Vision 2043.
  • It will help Council understand how much interest the market has in partnering to deliver the vision for the CBD.
  • It is a non-binding step as no commitments or contracts are entered into at this point
What is in the EOI?
  • The market is responding to a partnership approach inviting innovative responses for a landmark development opportunity in the heart of South Australia’s largest growth area, Elizabeth.
  • The development opportunity is a core offering of the CBD site area of 18,984 square metres located adjacent to the Playford Civic Precinct and the Ramada by Wyndham Playford Hotel, which is currently under construction.
  • Proposals that address the core offering can also incorporate one or more of three value-add offerings including the Windsor Carpark and retail assets, CBD Gateway sites and Council office accommodation.
  • The EOI will need to ensure alignment with our vision presented to the community, certainty of delivery, catalytic outcomes, place making and activation, high quality urban design and sustainability and commercial terms.
  • Details are contained with the Information Memorandum available to pre-qualified developers.
Can the community receive a copy of the EOI documents?
  • Only pre-qualified registrants will receive a copy of the EOI Information Memorandum. This is a standard approach for these processes.
  • Pre-qualification requires submission of details about the developer including capacity to deliver on the proposed scale of development.
  • The EOI and overall transaction process is managed by our agents JLL and strategic advisors Alinea.
  • There will be general information about the development available on our agent’s website
  • These processes require a balance of confidentiality to ensure that Intellectual Property, potential tenants, and market values are protected whilst balancing public information to ensure our community is informed of progress.
Will the community know whether you receive any interest through the EOI?
  • To be transparent we will provide updates at key project milestone points.
  • General information about the level of interest received through the EOI will be shared.
  • Detailed information can’t be shared due to the confidential nature of an EOI and commercial transaction process. This allows developers to confidently present their most innovative proposals.
  • Updates will be shared on various channels including Engagement Hub, Council’s website, Facebook and via the CBD Project mailing list.
How do the EOI submissions get assessed?
  • The evaluation of submissions will be conducted within a formal Probity Framework that ensures the highest standards of fairness, integrity and honesty in the process.
  • The Probity Framework also ensures confidentiality, protection of the intellectual property of submissions and the process being monitored by an independent probity advisor.
  • An Evaluation Panel comprised of internal and external specialists has been appointed to assess the EOI submissions.
  • The Panel assesses submissions against the vision, guiding principles and evaluation criteria.
  • The Panel will make a recommendation to Council on which of the submissions should be invited to provide a detailed proposal following its EOI.
  • The Council will consider the recommendation and make a decision on next steps including which, if any, submissions should be invited to proceed to the next stage and provide a detailed proposal.
What happens if you don't get any decent responses to your EOI process?
  • Early soft market engagement indicates there is interest in this opportunity from established and experienced developers.
  • If EOI responses do not satisfy the requirements for moving to the next stage of detailed proposals, the Evaluation Panel will recommend an appropriate strategy to Council for moving forward.
What is the Council's role in the EOI process?
  • The Council is the final decision maker and will decide whether to move forward to the next step in the project and whether any submissions should be invited to submit a detailed proposal following its EOI.
Why are you doing an EOI process while the land on Main North Road and some land in the CBD is still under community land status?
  • The EOI process will help Council understand how much interest the market has in partnering to deliver the vision as presented to the community during the recent public consultation process.
  • It is a non-binding step as no commitments or contracts are entered into at this point but helps us gather information about what is possible and assists Council with decision making moving forward.
  • The core EOI offering is the CBD site which includes both freehold land and community land.
  • Approaching the market with the whole opportunity now, while progressing an application to revoke land, signals to the market that we have confidence in the vision for the CBD.
  • We don’t anticipate finalising a revocation without significantly more detail, more community engagement, and the possibility that the revocations will be revised to align with our preferred concepts from the market.
  • While the Main North Road area is an added offering in the EOI, Council will only support proposals for these sites that are in line with our vision and address the community’s feedback.
  • The delivery of the CBD vision will likely be staged over 5 – 10 years. The community has clearly told us it is dissatisfied with an incomplete CBD and Council is committed to pursuing the best and enduring outcome that is delivered in a careful and responsible manner.
Why is the Windsor Carpark included in the EOI?
  • The carpark was constructed to support future development in the CBD.
  • Including it within the scope provides an opportunity for its function to be integrated into the development either in its current built form or enhanced as part of new and vibrant proposals.
Are you relocating your office-based staff to the CBD?
  • Soft market testing has clearly told us that for the CBD to be successful project partners will want to see a strong commitment for the vision from Council. In these types of developments that can often mean a significant Council presence such as office location.
  • A decision has not been made to relocate office staff from the Playford Operations Centre in Davoren Park into the CBD.
  • Council is open to proposals that incorporate Council office relocation, if the proposal offers substantial added benefits and outcomes in the CBD.
  • Traditionally a Council will locate its primary office and civic services within a Civic Precinct to enable greater community access within a central location.

Vision and Next Steps

The development opportunity is referred to as 'Central.' What does this mean? Is the CBD now known as Central?
  • The name Central is being used to promote the development opportunity to the market during the Expression of Interest campaign and commercial transaction period.
  • Naming a development opportunity is one way of signaling to the market what the development opportunity is about and helps to capture the imagination of the market.
  • The name reflects that this opportunity is located at the centre of South Australia’s dominant growth region with the vision of it being the Central Business District of the broader Northern region.
What is the vision for the CBD?
  • A thriving mix of retail and commercial activity along with services, entertainment and experiences, higher education, cultural pursuits, public spaces and a more attractive and green entrance corridor.
What are the next steps?
  • The EOI process closes 5 October, 2021.
  • The Evaluation Panel will assess any EOI submissions received.
  • A report including a recommendation is expected to be included in the Ordinary Council Agenda in late October.
  • That report will recommend which EOI submissions, if any, will be invited to proceed to the next stage and submit a detailed proposal.
  • The report will be considered in confidence as the details of the report and discussions will include information submitted by proponents in a confidential commercial transaction process as per the probity framework.
How do we know you're not going to enter a risky or unsound deal?
  • The evaluation and probity process being used throughout this project will weed out potential partners that are unable to meet the requirements to undertake a proposal of this nature and complexity.
  • The Council is also required under the Local Government Act to undertake a Prudential Review which will be undertaken by an external, independent consultant. This review will also be considered by Council’s Corporate Governance Committee that also has members who are independent to the Council.
Are you just going to accept any development?
  • No, we have a clear vision for the CBD.
  • Stringent guidelines are in place to avoid consideration of anything outside of Council’s vision and guiding principles.
  • A comprehensive evaluation and selection process and Probity Framework will control what we accept.
We told you we're concerned about the built form, environment, storm water and traffic - how do we know you'll be considering this?
  • We consider these matters to be an integral part of the success of this project.
  • Any submissions that move to the stage of providing detailed proposals will be required to address all these matters in detail.
We told you we're excited about having more experiences, activities, services and entertainment in the CBD - how do we know you'll be considering this?
  • This is a key driver of the whole project and is included in the guiding principles.
  • The vision is to transform the CBD into a thriving mixed use destination for retail, business, higher education, entertainment and cultural pursuits, as well as residential living.
What are the Project Guiding Principles?
  • The Guiding Principles provide the criteria details which will assist Council in determining the appropriate development for the area to achieve the vision.

    For this project, the guiding principles are:
  • Deliverability – can the tenderer deliver the project in collaborative partnership with Council, in a timely manner?
  • Catalytic outcomes – to attract and encourage various activities within the CBD and to develop future investments within the region.
  • Place making and activation – how they plan to enhance streetscapes and urban quality, alongside driving day time and night time activation.
  • High Quality Urban Design and Sustainability – delivering the highest standard of urban design while leaving innovative, sustainable principles both through construction and ongoing maintenance.
Are you offering Council Rates discount to the successful development partner?
  • Council may consider offering rate rebate opportunities for a set period of time to encourage higher quality outcomes in a potentially reduced timeline.
  • Rates discounts will not be automatic and any that are granted would have demonstrated significant community benefit.
  • Rates discounts are a common tool that Councils use to stimulate deliver economic development outcomes in particular precincts.

Council is committed to engaging with the community throughout this important project that assists in delivering the Playford Community Vision 2043.

We are going to keep you informed along each step in the process and you will continue to have the opportunity to share your views.

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