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Back to school for 2022

Back to school for 2022
Published 2 February 2022
With a new school year comes increased traffic around our primary and secondary schools.

It’s that time of the year again, with the 2022 school year kicking off this week. While many kids will be learning from home, there are students returning to the classroom which means increased traffic around Playford's primary and secondary schools.

While taking extra care in and around school zones is important, it's also timely to give a friendly reminder about parking around schools.

Please make sure that you are parking safely and legally when you are dropping off and collecting your children from school.

Not everyone can park directly at the gate at the same time, and trying to do so means people park illegally because it’s ‘just for a couple of minutes’…

We understand that the parking congestion can be frustrating, but we ask you to please be patient. Help keep our children safe by doing the right thing and not parking illegally.

Here are a few helpful tips for school drop off and pick up:

1. Leave your house 10 minutes earlier so you can allow enough time to get your child safely to the school gate without having to rush.

2. Always observe parking signs and speed limits in and around school zones. They are designed to keep everyone safe.

3. Talk to your child about traffic safety. Make sure they understand which places are safe for them to get out of the car and cross the road.

4. Teach your child to safely cross the road by using the ‘stop, look, listen and think’ process – stop at the kerb, look and listen for traffic and then decide when it’s safe to cross.

5. Park a few streets away from the school and then safely walk with your child to the school gate. This is great exercise and allows you to teach your child about road safety.

For more information about parking safety, please take a look at our Parking Safety Fact Sheet.