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After-hours spaces and places trial begins Tuesday 9 April.

Published 4 April 2024
After-hours Playford Civic Centre, Library and Grenville Hub kick starts Tuesday 9 April.
CS_Open Late trial_04042024

The Playford Civic Centre, Library and Grenville Hub will be trying something new over the next three months with late night openings starting 9 April.

The Playford Civic Centre Great Hall and Library will be staying open until 9pm every Tuesday over the next three months concluding 30 June 2024.

These spaces will be great for those wanting a breakout space for study, work, reading or quiet activities. The library space will have public computer access, WiFi and Self-Check machines available for library members.

The Grenville Hub trial will include after-hours events and programs for those who are unable to attend our events and programs during the Grenville Hub’s 9am – 5pm opening times. Some of the events you can expect are cake decorating, Box Fit, Wine and Cheese night and more. Find out what events will be happening by going to the Grenville Hub’s events and programs page here.

For Council Services and library staff support please contact us during our business hours available here or call us on 8256 0333.


Please be advised: These trials will be unstaffed, therefore core council and library staff/services will not be available during the trial from 5 – 9pm. Security will be available during the after-hours trial.