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A young person's voice.

A young person's voice.
Published 30 September 2020
The Playford Youth Advisory Committee is looking for passionate individuals to advocate for young people.

“We are here to be heard and make change for the benefit of future generations.”

This is the message from young people in our community who form part of the Playford Youth Advisory Committee (YAC).

Long serving YAC Member, Laura Brenton, 24, said the committee is a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about influencing change.

“It is a great place to have your voice heard,” she said.

“If you are passionate about developing solutions to issues affecting young people in the community or influencing change, this is your opportunity.”
Laura Brenton, YAC Member.

The young advocates have led youth-based community outreach initiatives and events that support health and wellbeing, celebrate diversity and provide skill-building opportunities.

For this young leader, it has also been a journey of self-discovery.

“Since becoming a member, I have become the best version of myself and have grown a lot,” Laura said.

“I now have the confidence to speak to new people and embrace new experiences.

“I have also connected with people in my community I would have otherwise never met.”

If you or someone you know would like to get involved in the Youth Advisory Committee call 8255 5560 or visit