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A suite of traffic upgrades completed for Blakeview community

A suite of traffic upgrades completed for Blakeview community
Published 30 May 2024
The City of Playford has finished a series of road upgrades in Blakeview, which were identified as part of a traffic management study conducted last year.

The Blakeview Local Area Traffic Management study (LATM) identified opportunities to provide new footpaths, pedestrian crossings and pram ramps for better accessibility within the growing suburb. It also included the upgrade of street lighting and further parking in key areas.

Mayor Glenn Docherty explained that the study extended beyond just analysis, with a key part of the process about listening to the community and their challenges with navigating the suburb, whether by car or on foot.

“There was a strong desire to get it right for our community and target the areas in a focused suite of projects for Blakeview,” said the Mayor.

“The feedback from our consultation revealed clear themes regarding on-street parking, difficulty entering and exiting properties and pedestrian accessibility.”

A $400,000 grant from the state government’s Department for Infrastructure and Transport allowed Council to fund the study as well as deliver a suite of identified projects, which have now been completed.

"The grant funding managed to cover the delivery of a number of identified projects, and after work commenced in January, we are delighted to have completed the upgrades which will support the Blakeview community to navigate their neighbourhood with ease,” the Mayor said.

Lee Odenwalder MP, Member for Elizabeth, said: “At the last state election I was really pleased to secure $400,000 for a study and improvements to traffic problems in Blakeview.”

“I'm glad that Council was able to achieve a significant number of traffic improvements with this funding, which I hope will improve safety and accessibility for residents.

“I look forward to the many other traffic management concerns identified by the report being addressed in the near future.”

Projects recently completed under the Blakeview LATM Department for Infrastructure and Transport grant included:

• Mansfield Park / Village Terrace intersection – installation of pedestrian refuge with lighting upgrade.

• Main Terrace / Village Terrace intersection – installation of pedestrian refuge with lighting upgrade.

• Wombat crossing at Main Terrace – installation of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators.

• Uley Road- installation of two new pedestrian crossing points.

• Village Terrace – installation of new kerb ramp.

• Park Lake Boulevard – installation of two pedestrian crossing points with lighting upgrade.

• Jamieson Road (adjacent Craigmore High School) - installation of dedicated parking bays with parking restrictions.

• Cowley Street - new footpath.

• Wombat crossing at Park Lane Boulevard (lighting upgrade only).