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A new health kick for Playford's over fifties

A new health kick for Playford's over fifties
Published 22 May 2019
Your chance to compete for Australia is available at the Grenville Hub, while improving your health and fitness.

The Grenville Hub is breaking new ground for martial arts programs – introducing the discipline to over 50s in Adelaide’s north.

Under the guidance of John Connelly, the Sports Martial Arts Club is giving Playford residents the chance to learn new skills, keep fit and healthy and compete for Australia in international competition.

Among the foundation members is Mel Riley who has taken up martial arts to improve her health and has lost 90 kilograms since 2012 as part of an ongoing fitness campaign.

It was my next progression to something higher…I’m on a personal journey, I’ve lost 90 kilos in weight and this was my opportunity to push it further.
Mel Riley

“I want to be strong, I want my bones to be strong and healthy and I want to be able to move to my optimum benefit without all my aches and pains and this is helping.

“It’s teaching my body to move in a different way.”

While the Grenville Hub usually caters for the over 50s cohort, Coach Connelly hopes to form a team to attend the PanPac Masters games in 2020 – these games, as is the Sports Martial Arts Club program, are open to people 30 years and over.

Mel has some words of advice for anyone keen to get involved.

“Give it a go – you will absolutely enjoy it. John breaks it down to your level and builds you up,” Mel said.

“Never be scared it’s going to be too much for you, it’s not.”

Classes are held on Tuesday (6 to 7pm) and Saturday (10 to 11am) at the Grenville Hub, Playford Civic Centre, 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth.

For further information about this program or other activities in Playford, click HERE or call 8256 0377.