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A new era for Grenville.

A new era for Grenville.
Published 11 February 2021
Gladys Humphries has been attending the Grenville Hub since its opening in 1983 and is looking forward to establishing new memories at the new centre.

Gladys Humphries has been attending the City of Playford’s Grenville Hub since it opened in 1983. “I attended the Grenville Hub’s opening event where I served drinks,” recalls Gladys. “And I used to work in the kitchen every Friday serving fish and chips with mushy peas and salad.”

“We have always had a variety of fun activities to participate in from table tennis to craftwork, fitness classes, group outings, computing skills and theatre productions at the Grenville Hub,” said Gladys.

What stands out in her mind are memories from when the Grenville Hub first opened. “My late husband and I used to attend dancing lessons on Friday evenings and we’d have a great time socialising with everyone.”

You wouldn’t guess it by looking at Gladys, but she is 98 years of age. She credits her long life to everything in moderation and friendships. “If you are going to enjoy your life, friendship is a necessity, and I have been fortunate to make a lot of new friends through the Grenville Hub.”

Gladys is the epitome of the Grenville Hub’s ‘live life to the fullest’ slogan. She attends the Grenville Hub every Monday and the One Tree Hill Friendship Group on Thursday, which she has also attended since its establishment in 1998. “I have also been blessed with good health, however I believe you only live one life so you have to live it to the fullest,” said Gladys, who received the Grenville Hub’s Living Live to the Fullest Award in 2013.

Gladys like many Grenville Hub patrons has been eagerly looking forward to the opening of the new building. “I was sad to see the last of the old Grenville Hub, however we are now entering a new era which sees us all move with the modern times and begin making new memories."

It means a lot to me to have a place where I can go and meet people and socialise with people my own age.
Gladys Humphries

The Grenville Hub is a community space that provides a range of services for people 50 years and above that encourages life-long learning, physical activity, healthy living and social connections.

Community engagement helped shape the design of the new Grenville Hub, which included information sessions, surveys and the establishment of an advisory group.

Our new Grenville.

The new Grenville Hub is almost 50 per cent larger than the previous centre, some of its features include:

  • A commercial kitchen
  • Dining room that can accommodate up to 120 people
  • A theatre with stage that seats 170
  • Dedicated rooms for therapy, games, art, technology and an op-shop