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What is Council's role in an emergency?

Our Role in an Emergency

As part of Councils ongoing responsibility to community safety, Council follow the four phases of Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery (PPRR). 

  1. Prevention measures taken to eliminate or reduce the severity of emergencies
  2. Preparedness  are the arrangements to ensure that, should an emergency occur, all the resources and services which are needed to cope with the effects can be efficiently mobilised and deployed
  3. Response are the actions taken in anticipation of, during, and immediately after an emergency to ensure that its effects are minimised, and that people affected are given immediate relief and support
  4. Recovery is the coordinated process of supporting affected communities in reconstruction of the built environment and the restoration of emotional, social, economic, built and natural environment wellbeing.

Council has developed the following documents which articulate how it will respond in the event of an emergency:


City of Playford are also a member of the following Committees:


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