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What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping is the deliberate disposal of (waste) materials onto public or private land.

The City of Playford, in partnership with Zero Waste SA and KESAB environmental solutions, is on the watch for illegal dumping activity. Illegal dumping is a criminal offence, with a maximum penalty of $5000.

South Australian councils have had enough of illegal dumping and are actively pursuing offenders.

What about hard waste?

It is your responsibility to appropriately dispose of hard waste that can not go in you regular kerbside waste collection.

The City of Playford offers residents a Hard Waste Collection Service, based on a suburb-by-suburb collection schedule and bookings are essential. The City for Playford also offers a Transfer Station for the disposal of most hard waste, green waste, building and construction waste, waste oil, and used batteries.

To find out more about the City of Playford's waste and recycling services pleasecall our Customer Care Centre on 8256 0333.


Why is illegal dumping a problem in our community?

  • Rising costs - to council and to you! Continuous clearing of litter and illegally dumped waste creates significant costs for councils. These costs are generally incorporated in your rates.
  • Environmental damage - dumped materials can harm the local environment through damaging vegetation and leaching of hazardous materials into soil and waterways.
  • Decreasing value - illegal dump sites serve as magnets for additional dumping and other criminal activities that ultimately decrease property and community value.
  • Hazards - dumped waste can be dangerous to people, particularly when it includes sharp objects, asbestos, and glass.


How can you help?

City of Playford provides services for your waste and recycling including hard waste collections, transfer station, and kerbside bin services.

By ensuring that you know about these services and use them correctly, you are helping to protect your community and the environment from the problems caused by illegally dumped waste.

Being an informed community member is a positive step towards helping reduce illegal dumping.

If you see rubbish dumped on Council land or on the roadside, please contact our Customer Care Centre on 8256 0333 or make an online report via our Online Services.


If you require any further information please click here


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