Disability Services

City of Playford provides a number of programs and services for people with a disability as part of our overall strategy to enhance health and well-being for all residents.

Programs and services are strengths focused and designed to promote independence, participation and community inclusion.

Click to view the latest brochure which describes the range of disability services available at the City of Playford.

City of Playford also works in partnership with other agencies to further increase opportunities for people with a disability to access community programs, education, information and events that aim to develop skills, build social networks, raise community awareness and promote community inclusion.

Check the links on the left hand menu for information about the wide range of services we provide or contact Council on 8256 0333.


Disability questionnaire

Congratulations to the random draw prize winners who participated in the Disability Questionnaire. Sharon Ochard of Brahma Lodge, Dougie Dare and Theresa Lyon of Elizabeth North are the lucky winners of $100 vouchers.

Do you have a disability, work in the disability sector or know or care for someone that has a disability? Do you visit, live or work in the City of Playford? Then we want to hear from you! Responses to this survey will be used in the development of the City of Playford Disability and Inclusion Directions Report, which will supersede Council’s existing Disability Discrimination Act: Action Plan 2011-2014. The Disability and Inclusion Directions Report will help guide Council to address barriers to access and participation for people with a disability. If you would like more information or require this survey in an alternative format, or in a language other than English, please contact Janine Anderson Disability Access and Inclusion Officer on 8256 0224 or janderson@playford.sa.gov.au Surveys must be received by Council by COB Monday 21 December 2015. You must complete this survey by COB Monday 21 December to be the draw to WIN 1 of 3 $100 Elizabeth City Centre vouchers. Please provide your name and details of at least 1 contact method so we can let you know if you are a winner!

* Mandatory Field

Disability questionnaire
Line 1
Line 2
About you
What suburb do you live in?*
Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?*
Language spoken at home*
Please select your interest or involvement with disability*
If other was selected, please explain
Disability/disabilities you identify with*

This is in relation to yourself or someone you know

If other was selected, please specify
Council facilities and services
What council civic facilities have you visited in the past year?
If you have visited one of the Council facilities did you experience any barriers?
If you selected 'yes', to experiencing barriers please explain

Indicate at what facility/facilities you experience barriers and tell us how access could be improved

What Council Community Facilities have you visited/utilised?
Have your experienced any barriers at these community facilities?
If you selected yes to experiencing barriers, please specify

Please identify the location and how access could be improved

Have you participated in any of the following public events
If other, please specify
If "yes", did you experience any barriers at these events?
If you experienced a barrier at these events, please explain

Please indicate at what event/s and how access could be improved

Have you visited one of the following Council owned or managed facilities
If other Council owned or managed facility, please specify
Did you experience any barriers at these facilities
If yes, please tell us the facility and how access could be improved
Have you used any of the following built enviroment within the City of Playford
If other, please tell us
Did you experience any barriers on any of these used facilities/infrastructure?
If you selected yes, please tell us which built environment and how access could be improved
Public signage in the City of Playford
Public signage is easy to read

(e.g. large, clear letters)

Public signage is easy to understand

(meaning is clear)

Public signage is well located
If you selected disagree, please tell us how public signage could be improved
Council Customer Service
How do you contact Council
If you contact Council another way, please tell us how
Do you experience any barriers when contacting Council?
If you have experience a barrier, please explain contact method and how it could be improved
Council Communications
How do you receive information about Council?
If you receive Council information in an other way, please specify
Do you experience any barriers with understanding the material
If you selected yes, please tell us how access to communication could be improved?
About living in Playford
Have you attended or accessed any of these services (non-Council)?
If you have accessed other non-Council services, please specify
Did you experience any barriers with these non-Council services?
If you selected yes, please tell us how these non-Council services could be improved
How aware do you think the general public are of the needs of people with disabilities
Other comments
What are the top three access facilities that you value most
If other most valued access facilities, please specify
Any other comments on most valued access facilities
Do you have any other comments on diability access in the City of Playford?
Did you need assistance to complete this survey?
If you see this, leave this form field blank.
Post: 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park SA 5113 | Visit: Playford Civic Centre, 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth
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