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Deputations and Petitions


As residents of the City of Playford, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to engage with your Council.

Accordingly requests for deputations and submission of petitions are an important part of the decision making process of the City of Playford. These matters can be brought forward to Council or Committee Meetings as either a petition or deputation.


Petitions allow the public to bring to the attention of Council any matter they believe requires action. Petitions are required to be submitted in writing to the Chief Executive Officer 5 clear days prior to the next Council or Committee Meeting. Please note that any Petition submitted to the Council is required to include the Name and Address of each person who has signed or endorsed the petition. (This is in accordance with the Local Government (Procedures at Meetings) Regulations 2013).


The public may request in writing the opportunity to address Council. Deputations are required to be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer 8 clear days prior to the next Council or Committee Meeting. The Presiding Member will give final approval for a Deputation to be presented.

The above templates have been developed in an effort to assist you to engage with your Council in the most effective manner. Whilst Council will, in the interests of community engagement accept deputation requests and petitions outside of this format, it should be emphasised that it is Council's strong preference to receive deputation requests and petitions in the template format.

The Code of Practice for Council and Committee Meetings provides essential information about petitions and deputations.  Please note that the City of Playford requires all attendees at meetings to abide by the Code of Practice which is available in on the Policies page.

If you have any queries in relation to your deputation request or petition submission please contact us on 8256 0333 or email governance@playford.sa.gov.au

Post: 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park SA 5113 | Visit: Playford Civic Centre, 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth
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