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The Delegations Register is a key document within the City of Playford governance framework. Section 44 of the Local Government Act 1999 requires Council to maintain a Delegations Register.

Council has many powers and duties which are governed by legislation, however, in the interest of efficiency, many of these decision-making powers and duties can be delegated by Council to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In turn, the CEO may further sub-delegate certain powers to specified staff in the organisation as considered appropriate.

Delegation and sub-delegation processes ensure that employees are provided with the legal authority to undertake various duties and exercise powers in accordance with legislation. They promote accountability and are considered a proactive risk management tool.

Delegations Register

At Ordinary Council meeting 23 August 2016, Council conducted it's Legislated Annual Review of Council Delegations. Below is the City of Playford's Delegations Register and associated Instruments:


Delegations Register - Amended by Council 26 June 2018(4816 kb)

Delegations Register - Amended by Council 17 April 2018(4763 kb)

 Delegations Register - Endorsed by Council 26 September 2017(3391 kb)

Delegations Register - Endorsed by Council 23 August 2016 - Last Amended 27 June 2017(4065 kb)

D elegations Register - Last Reviewed by Council October 2015(10254 kb) 

Delegations Register - Endorsed by Council 23 August 2016(1957 kb)

Authorised Officers

Local Governments in South Australia are responsible for discharging a wide range of statutory powers, functions and duties in accordance with the Local Government Act 1999 and other acts.

Authorisations are specified under a relevant Act, the power to appoint an Authorised Officer is a decision of the Head Delegate or Council (or if specified by a Minister or Board). An appointment can only be provided where specific qualifications are met by that person to carry out a regulatory function, decision or an action on behalf of Council. An Authorisation is provided to a person and not a position and limitations and conditions may apply.



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