Current Roadworks





Completion Date



Adams Road

Elizabeth Park

Footpath Rehabilitation

24 November 2017

Resident Letter  

Bridport Road

Elizabeth Park

Footptah Rehabilitation

12 November 2017

Resident Letter  

Daniel Street Walkway

Elizabeth Park

Footpath Rehabilitation

3 November 2017

Resident Letter  

Davey Street

Elizabeth Park

Footpath Upgrade

29 October 2017


Fairfield Road

Elizabeth Grove

Bus Stop Pads Upgrade

30 November 2017

Resident Letter 

Resident Letter 


Oldham Road

Elizabeth Vale

Bus Stop pads Upgarde 

27 October 2017

Resident Letter


Peachey Rd Stg 4 (Petherton and Swallowcliffe) 

Davoren Park  

Excavation, kerbing and pavement resurfacing, installation of a new stormwater system, landscaping of the central median between Petherton and Swallowcliffe roads

May 2018

Notification Peachey

Peachey Resident Letters

Resident Notification Peachey

TMP Peachey

Patterson Road

Elizabeth Park

Footpath Upgrade

25 October 2017


Ryan/ Supple Road Intersection

Waterloo Corner  

Intersection Upgrade 

30 October 2017 



Spruance Road

Elizabeth East

Kerb renewal, road surface renewal, footpath renewal

27 October 2017

Resident Letter

Resident Letter 



 Works Currently Being Undertaken by Underground Service Authorities

For a list of works being undertaken (on Council owned Roads) by Underground Service Authorities please click here 

Council Maintained Roads

To report a pot hole / road defect (on a road maintained by Council) please contact Customer Care on (08) 8256 0333; send an email to

Each request is individually inspected and assessed then placed on a program of works based on severity of damage and traffic volumes / location.

State Government (DPTI) Maintained Roads

To report a pot hole / road defect (on a road maintained by DPTI) please contact the DPTI Traffic Control Centre on 1800 018 313. To view the list of roads maintained by DPTI (Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure) - PLEASE CLICK HERE

Post: 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park SA 5113 | Visit: Playford Civic Centre, 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth
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