By-Laws are local laws established by South Australia Councils to deal with issues specific to the relevant council area.

The Local Government Act 1999 and the Local Government Act 1934, set out the purposes for which a council may make a By-law, which includes the prevention of nuisances, controlling of animals, activities injurious to health, pollution of water, the risk of disease and protecting the health and comfort of the inhabitants of the area. In some instances By-laws can also be made in accordance with other legislation.

Having undertaken the consultation and referral processes required by legislation in respect of the proposed By-laws, at its meeting of 22 September 2015, the Council adopted the following By-laws:

By-Law No. 1 - Permits and Penalties(290 kb)

By-Law No. 2 - Moveable Signs(397 kb)

By-Law No. 3 - Local Government Land(543 kb)

By-Law No. 4 - Dogs(341 kb)

By-Law No. 5 - Cats(259 kb)

By-Law No. 6 - Bird Scaring Devices(298 kb)

For more information on bird scaring devices please click here.

By-Law No. 7 - Roads(323 kb)


A copy of the above by-Laws were gazetted on Thursday 1st October (p. 4499 - 4507) pursuant to section 249(5) of the Local Government Act 1999 and were sent to the Legislative Review Committee for consideration. The By-laws commenced operation on 4th February 2016.


Identification of Local Government Land

In accordance with S246(3)(e) of the Local Government Act 1999 by-laws only apply to those portions of land which have been identified by Council Resolution. The documents below identify which parts of land apply.

Identification of Local Government Land - By-Law No. 3 - Local Government Land(56 kb)

Identification of Local Government Land - By-Law No. 4 - Dogs(337 kb)


By-Law Authorisations

Following adoption of the by-laws, appropriate authorisations have been put in place to ensure by-laws are able to be imposed accordingly. The document below highlights who has appropriate authorisations in the organisation for administration to be able to grant permission for members of the community to carry out certain activities where it states in the by-law that permission is required.

By-Law Authorisation Register(55 kb)


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