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Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Trail
Community, Environment, Markets
Families, Men, Women, Community Organisations

City of Playford is bringing Australia’s biggest community and sustainability event, Garage Sale Trail, to the local area this October.

You can either participate as a seller (register at the 'Sell or Shop' button) or as a buyer (find out where all the sales are being hosted in Playford at the 'Sell or Shop' button!)

This jam-packed weekend of garage sales is a great way to declutter, fundraise and meet your neighbours. Sellers participating in 2018 made an average of $309 at their garage sale and met 46 new connections in their community.

Households, schools, community groups and local businesses are invited to host a sale or shop the Trail, joining over 400,000 Australians in this nationwide movement that’s all about putting secondhand first.

For shoppers, Garage Sale Trail is a great opportunity to pick up a bargain and find something unique, all whilst doing your bit for the environment. It’s guilt-free retail therapy!

Register your sale or search a local map of garage sales in the area at the 'Sell or Shop' button.

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