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Wanna play futsal?

Wanna play futsal?
Published 31 October 2016
 A summer five-a-side futsal competition has started at the John McVeity Centre.

A summer five-a-side futsal competition has started at the John McVeity Centre.

Matches are played on Tuesday and Sunday nights and it is free to register.

What is futsal?Check out these tekkers Does Australia play futsal? Yes, our men's team is called the Futsalroos and has played at the World Cup. The Football Federation of Australia has highlighted the importance of futsal in pushing our national teams to higher performance levels.

How can I get involved? Contact the John McVeity Centre, where regular futsal competitions are held. There are men's competitions, while juniors play on Saturday mornings. If you're interested in playing in a women's competition, YMCA staff at the centre also want to hear from you. Contact 8480 0100 now to enter your side now for action-packed futsal fun.