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The Best (Micro) Chip on Your Shoulder

The Best (Micro) Chip on Your Shoulder
Published 2 June 2017
<p>If you’re a dog or cat owner, breeder or seller, changes to South Australia’s laws will affect you.

If you’re a dog or cat owner, breeder or seller, changes to South Australia’s laws will affect you.

These changes, which include new requirements for microchipping, de-sexing and breeder registration, are being introduced over the next 18 months, with new standards and guidelines for breeders and sellers operational from August 2017.

As an owner, from 1 July, 2018, all dogs and cats over a certain age need to be microchipped, and all 'new' generations born from 1 July will need to be microchipped and desexed.

This means if you own a dog or cat now, you have just over a year to microchip your furry friends to stay on the right side of the new laws - and this is where Chipblitz can help.

Founded in 2015, and staffed entirely by volunteer workers, Chipblitz is currently offering $10 microchipping of your pet - not just dogs and cats, but also rabbits and ferrets.

While local vets, councils, the Animal Welfare League, RSPCA, and lost pet groups in SA do a sterling job in getting as many lost pets home as possible, microchipping can make it easier for families who lose their pets - so both you and your pet don't have to go through the uncertainty and pain of losing each other.

And despite our best efforts, we all know how easily it can happen.

Take Sandy...

The feisty terrier was found roaming in our local suburbs earlier this year. His micro-chip revealed a NSW address, and it turned out his human family had been pining for him for several months. The microchip can’t tell us exactly how he made the journey across the border, who he met, or what hardships he endured, but it certainly got him home. With the help of Chipblitz, transport was arranged to return Sandy to a very happy home-coming across the border.

Then there's Dusty...

The domestic black cat who wandered from his Glenelg residence, up the river and through the sewers, to join the Army. He'd been missing for 6 months, when he was sighted at the Keswick Army Barracks, skittish, hungry, and anti-social. Chipblitz volunteers managed to get close enough to scan and capture him, and locate his owners. Dusty immediately recognised his human family, was given an honourable discharge and returned to a domesticated civilian life. Another happy ending, thanks to microchipping.

Chipblitz will be conducting a microchipping day in Munno Para on the 8 and 9 July.

For more information, and to book online, visit

You can read an overview of all of the new dog and cat registration laws here: